Ashland Township Cemetery Viewer/ GIS

Clerk : Shelly Boerema        Sexton: Brenda Wilde

Phone : 231-834-7535        Phone: 616-980-6487

Burial Appointments
Because of the possibility of a conflict of schedules and sexton availability,
Ashland Township encourages all funeral directors to contact the Ashland
Township Sexton for available burial times before final arrangements are made
for interment.
Please note that interment appointments must be confirmed by the sexton who
has discretionary authority regarding the time of the actual burial.
All checks should be made payable to Ashland Township.

We are looking for a S. Brown or a relative of S. Brown, they are the owner of cemetery lot 33 in Shippy Cemetery in Ashland township and must provide proof of ownership. It has come to our attention that these lots have been inactive and will be forfeited back to the township if we cannot find a rightful owner or heir per our Cemetery ordnance section 2.3.C.1 (listed below). If you have any questions, please call the township at (231)834-7535 to speak with Shelly Boerema or Sarah Rood.

2.3   Cemetery Lot Certificate of Right to Burial

            C.   Forfeiture of vacant cemetery lots or burial spaces.

1.  Cemetery lots or grave spaces sold and remaining vacant 40 years from the date of sale shall automatically revert The Right to Burial to the Township upon occurrence of both of the following events:

      a. A notice shall be sent by the Township Clerk by first class mail to the last known address of the holder of the Right To

             Burial certificate on record informing them of the following:

            -   the expiration of the 20 year period,

            -   forfeiture of all rights to the stated lots and/or spaces, and

      -   a 60 day grace period from the date of postage within which

          they must affirm in writing their intent to retain burial rights,


      b. No response is received by the Township Clerk from the holder of the Right to Burial certificate or his/her legal representative within the 60 day grace period.

      c. With township board approval.


2.   Cemetery lots or spaces that have had the Right to Burial forfeited according to the guidelines of 2.3.C.1 shall become property of the township without any other conveyance or proceedings.  The township may thereupon sell and convey the Right to Burial of such spaces to others as permitted within these Ordinances.